Into Another with Glassjaw in California

12.25.2013 We're on the road with Clutch this week on
the east coast. See you there!  [Get Tickets]

Into Another Clutch Tour

09.17.2013 We're hitting the road on the east coast
with Clutch this December. Tickets are on sale soon! Stay tuned for more details...

Into Another writing new music in summer 2013

07.14.2013 We will be writing and recording new material throughout the summer, and we're currently
booking fall and winter shows. Stay tuned...


Richie Birkenhead - The Indie Spiritualist Interview 2012

12.19.2012 Richie talks to The Indie Spiritualist.   [Interview]

Richie Birkenhead - Noisecreep Interview 2012

12.10.2012 Richie talks to Noisecreep about December, 2012 shows and beyond.   [Interview]

Richie Birkenhead - Slug Magazine Interview 2012

10.31.2012 Richie gives an update to Slug Magazine about the current state of Into Another.   [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Into Another - T.A.I.L. Video

09.06.2012 Unreleased and unseen until now, we've unearthed the official music video for "T.A.I.L.", which was shot back in the Seemless era.

Directed by Noah Bogen with art direction by Happy Massee, feast your eyes on the amphibian in love...

Following the tragic and untimely death of bassist Tony Bono in 2002, any faint hope of a band reunion seemed to vanish. The surviving members of the band drifted apart, figuratively and geographically, and the years rolled on. Richie did the occasional Underdog reunion or solo acoustic show. Drew played and recorded with several bands, including New Rising Sons, Walking Concert and many others. Peter vanished into rural upstate New York, withholding his otherworldly gift from the world's ears.

From out of nowhere, guitarist Brian Balchack (Ignite) and bassist Reid Black (Innaway) reached out from thousands of miles away, in the form of flawless videotaped instrumental performances of several IA songs. Pure inspiration. These two men are the catalyst. The alchemy was spectacular. Now we are five, and the eleven-pointed star has risen again.